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How to get a new Sri Lankan passport for an expired Passport

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Documents required

- Old passport
- Original copy of the birth certificate
- Receipt of online photo
- 10,000 LKR for one day service
- Copies of the first page of old passport and NIC


1. Take a online photo at a recommended studio. You can find one at the passport office. Studio will issue a receipt as follows. Old passport office was at Punchi Borella. Now they have moved to Pelawatta.

2. Fill the application form as follows. You can obtain this form at the passport office (may be available online as well).

3. Take copies of the passport and NIC. They will anyway return you all the submitted documents with the new passport.

4. Queue for the one day service and you will get a token as follows.

5. Submit your documents once your number is called. If documents are correct they will ask you to pay. Pay 10,00 LKR for one day service at the cashier and you will get another token as follows.

6. You will get your new passport after 3-4 hours with all the submitted documents.

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