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Building JRTP in Windows

Monday, May 20, 2013

- jrtp depends on jthread. Hence, we have to build jthread first.
- Download jrtplib and jthread from this link and extract it.
- Detailed video tutorial is available in the following links from the authors, thanks a lot for such a good library and help. ;-).


2. Download and install CMake.

- Open CMake.
- Set the jthread folder path as the browse source.
- Create a folder named "build" in the above folder and set build folder location in CMake to that path.
- Click 'Add entry' and add an entry named 'CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX', type is 'PATH', set the value to a empty folder. In my case it is 'C:/testlocal'.
- Click OK.

- Click 'Configure'.
- Click Finish.

- Click "configure" again.

- Then click "generate".

- Now you can see VS project files in the build directory.
- Open the solution with VS.
- Right click in the 'INSTALL' project and select 'Build'.

- Check whether it builds without any fails.

- Select 'Release' from the 'Solutions configuration' menu. and build the 'INSTALL' project again.
- Again check for any errors.

- Now follow the same steps for the jrtplib as well.
- Make sure to set the 'CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX' same like before.
- Build 'INSTALL' project for both 'Debug' and 'Release' Solution configurations in VS same as before.

- Now you can locate all the relevant header and library files in 'C:\testlocal'

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