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How to Start Android Programming

Monday, February 2, 2015

I was new to Android Programming and it took a while for me to set up the system and to run my first Android application. After successfully ran the first program, I thought of sharing my experience here for someone new to Android Programming to make it a less painful start.

My environment: Windows 8 32-bits

1. First download Android Studio from this link and install.

2. Add necessary SDK Packages as explained in this link.

3. Run the HAXM installer located in the following location.
Refer to this link for more information.

You may have to enable 'Intel Virtualization Technology' in BIOS as per this link.

Make sure to set up the memory during the installation as per this link. I used 768 MB.
In case if you want to change the memory assigned later re-run the HAXM installer again with new memory value. More information.

If you change the HAXM memory assigned later, make sure to change it in the Android Studio as well as per following details.
Android Studio -> Tools -> Android -> AVD Manager
Then in the row of the relevant virtual device, click the 'Edit this AVD' in 'Actions' column.
In the opened window click 'Show Advanced Settings' button and scroll down.
Change the 'Memory' value as required (I used 768), and click 'Finish'.

4. Hopefully now your system is ready to start programming. Follow the tutorials given in this link.

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